On a tour mired by injuries and a 4-0 wrap on the knuckles in as many Tests, the ‘negative’ remark on Gautam Gambhir’s MRI report was the first ‘positive’ in some time for Team India. Perhaps that’s an indicator that the ODI Champions will not meet the fate they met as No. 1 in Tests.

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A World Cup win can bring satisfaction of a lifetime and champion players rummage around for a recliner to relax while the medal sits on the chest perpetually. But winds of change have refashioned perceptions, where the IPL money rules the roost and other issues move to the back-burner.

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Cricket is not a one-way traffic zone and the Indian team – which probably thinks batting alone can win them the World Cup – was taught a lesson on Sunday by England who exposed the co-hosts’ Achilles heel called fielding and the single-man bowling army called Zaheer Khan.


It is the year of cricket World Cup and January 17 was the date Indian think-tank decided to sit down and prune the preliminary squad of 30 to final 15.

The excitement moved nicely to the point when Kris Srikkanth’s voice came from somewhere behind the media mikes that covered his face. The team was a good one but on analyzing after every name sank in, it appeared to be India’s ‘slowest’ till date. Let me define how!


If there is one thing that binds India together, it has to be the game of cricket that has created demigods out of players. The concept of national integration will remain buried as printed letters in school books if cricket were to be taken out of the equation. That’s the kind of space cricket enjoys in the Indian heartland.

The game is set for a grand opening in the new year with the signature ICC event – World Cup – lined up to welcome it; in fact, the month-and-a-half-long spectacle sits on top of the 2011 calendar, with the kickoff scheduled for February 19 and the final on April 2.

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Sorry for the void!

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Hi all!

I was busy finding my feet in sports journalism since my last post and now that I feel a certain amount of grip, nothing can stop me from unleashing myself to do what I love the most, i.e., writing on the blog that helped me get a body for the sportsman’s spirit within me – my new job with CRICKETNEXT.

With nothing happening for them on the field, the mired Pakistan players and officials chose to connive off it to rattle an on-song England outfit and level the One Day International (ODI) series at Lord’s on Monday.

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