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If there is one thing that binds India together, it has to be the game of cricket that has created demigods out of players. The concept of national integration will remain buried as printed letters in school books if cricket were to be taken out of the equation. That’s the kind of space cricket enjoys in the Indian heartland.

The game is set for a grand opening in the new year with the signature ICC event – World Cup – lined up to welcome it; in fact, the month-and-a-half-long spectacle sits on top of the 2011 calendar, with the kickoff scheduled for February 19 and the final on April 2.

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So the team that completes the sub-continent’s cricket quad, Bangladesh, has created another upset by beating England in an ODI. Last night, the boys in green took the three-match ODI series to a decider with a 5-run victory at Bristol.

While their dressing room erupted with the dismissal of Jonathan Trott, a question that comes up with every ‘rare’ Bangladesh victory surfaced once again. Do these players – who were jumping up and down – really know the art of introspection? Are they even slightly aware that victories spaced out across years are going to take them nowhere?

Having celebrated the 10th anniversary of its full-ICC-member status on June 26, Bangladesh cricket is still craving for results to back the decision ICC took in 2000. There is no doubt in the abilities of the Ashrafuls, Tamims, Shakibs and Mortazas but the team has to put in a collective effort – like they did yesterday against England – on a more consistent basis. Individual brilliances won’t help them get rid of their ‘party-pooper’ status.

Bangladesh also has to watch out for Zimbabwe who is close to regaining its Test status. The Asian minnow must recognize that the African minnow’s competitive level is much higher than theirs. Once Zimbabwe is back in its whites, strong comparisons will be drawn between the two teams, probably because of their consistent bottom-ranked status in the ICC cricket rankings.

An interesting observation would be the timing of these sporadic Bangladeshi victories. Every time knives have been out to do a postmortem of Bangladesh cricket, they manage to beat one of the top ICC teams. That’s what this win against Bangladesh is going to do. It surely would silence their critics but the question remains for how long. Unless they move up the ICC rankings with a string of consistent performances, an official retrospection of their ICC-member status is not far.