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country-needs-youOn a Wednesday evening when most of us were having usual dinner-table discussions, some filthy ambitions of a group of armed men were about to unfold. The horror we witnessed between November 26 and November 29, 2008, has left deep wounds, especially for those who were in the middle of Mumbai Attack and those who lost their loved ones. The wounds might heal but the scars left will be irrepairable.

Even we, who watched the terror unfold on television, shed tears. Imagine the condition of those right there and the their anxious families waiting for news of safety! Imagine those who fought so that we don’t have to! Imagine those who became martyrs so that we have a sound sleep, I salute them! Last but not the least, imagine those who have to identify the dead body of their mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter and what not.

It’s hard, very hard but its real! It has happened and might happen again if those in power don’t come out of their guise and do something resourceful. It won’t be easy as the time lost in dwelling and playing a blame game has let the perpetrators invade deeper territories. However, it’s not impossible given we come together as one, not only the politicians but the public too. It’s not the time to find who should do it; rather it’s time to say, “let’s do it.” Enough of snooze-button tactics! It’s time to wake up now!

The process starts now, at this very moment. A handful of ill-minds can’t defeat the world’s largest democracy. Get up and do something!